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Call Dr. Patty Hambrick for schedule and location information: 843.327.0288. (Info below.)

***Super Bus Saturday schedule time: 12:32 pm.

***Hollywood, Ravenel, SC and other locations.

    Super Life/Super Bus Church Sunday Schedule:

    Every Sunday at 4:02 pm EST, 5:02 pm EDST

Saturday Super Life Time 12:32pm Dates/Locations:  

1.   First Saturday of the Month
       Super LifeMoncks Corner: A partnership with Low Country                  Community Church,
       Pastor Jason Leviner
       217 Bonnoitt St
       Moncks Corner, SC 29461
2.    First Saturday of the Month. The Waters at St. James: A 
       Partnership with Goose
       Creek/Calvary Nazarene
        Treva Luellen, Super Life Director
       Pastor: Dr. Rodney Lindsay
       Calvary Naz Super Life Address:
       1053 St. James Avenue.
3.    Second Saturday of the Month:
        Pineland (Trinity Bible Fellowship
        Nazarene, Pastor Ted Hambrick).
        Just past 5841 Scott White Road on the
        Left. Watch for Big RV and Super Life
        Little Bus.
4.   Third Saturday of the Month:


       Waters at Magnolia Bay: A
       Partnership with Summerville
       Nazarene Church. Pastor Mike
       10765 HWY 78E,Summerville,


5.    Fourth Saturday of the Month:
        Burbage Mobile Home Park
        Across from Burbage Meat
        Market. (Trinity Bible Fellowship
        Nazarene Church Home of Super
        Life/Super Bus,
        Pastor Ted Hambrick
6.    For Other Partner Locations, Call 
       Dr. Patty Hambrick. 


Occasionally the schedule may change, please contact Dr. Patty Hambrick with questions. 843.327.0288.

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sunday afternoons: Super Bus Church at 4:02 pm until after March 1st, 2020, EST. Hollywood Trinity Nazarene: Home of Super Life/Super Bus Church. Pastor Ted Hambrick

SPRING UP: March 8th, change to 5:02 pm for spring time change, EDST.

FALL BACK to 4:02 pm on November 1st, 2020, EST. 

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