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To Donate:

If you would like help and to provide a local church with a grant, Call Patty Hambrick at 843.327.0288.

Application for Grant:

Church Name:




1. What would you like to happen?

2. What outreach efforts have you tried?

3. Do you have an area with a high concentration of children?

4. Have you made any contacts in the proposed area? ______________

Requirements for Grant:

1. Identify a Neighborhood with a High Concentration of Children

2. A team of 3 Team Members.

3. Team members must take the Free training from Super Life/Super bus. The training can be done at your church.

4. Sled Check, Nazarene safe (this can be done free with Super Life).

5, Must teach Super Life values.

Feel free to share your churches dreams:

Grants are limited!

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