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    Lesson: "I Will Give You Rest"

Matthew 11:28 King James Version (KJV)

28 Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Lesson Agenda: 

1.   Get a Book Bag

2.   Put one book in the bag. Can you carry it around our group? Have one child demonstrate carrying one book.

3.  Have one child demonstrate carrying two books, then three books.

4.  Then put Lots of books into the book bag. (Make the bag too heavy to carry)

5.   Choose a small child to carry the very heavy book bag around the group. Ask: What can you do? (The Child will need some help.)

6.   Talk about problems or burdens the children might have.

⦁ Home work

⦁ Talking in class

⦁ Your friend called you a name

⦁ I don’t think my teacher likes me

7.   What other problems may the children have?

⦁ My Mother is very Sick

⦁ I don’t think we have rent money

⦁ Our electricity doesn’t work

⦁ Mama and daddy don’t like each other.

8.   Ask, (related to Number 6):

⦁ What can you do about homework?

⦁ What can you do about talking in school?

⦁ What can you do about your friend calling you a name.

⦁ What can you do about your teacher not liking you?

Possible answers: (Be kind to her and follow instruction and/or Pray for her.

9.   Ask:

⦁ Is your load lighter?

⦁ What about the big things?

10.   Discuss: Pray and ask God to help, and turn it over to Him, let Him help you.

11.   Ask:

⦁ Will all the problems go away?

⦁ Will God help you carry the heavy weight of your load?


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