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Super Life Lesson: Gideon, Judges 6:1

When it says the people did evil in the eyes of the Lord, are they in trouble, big trouble, or big, big, trouble?

Because of their sin, God let them be invaded by their enemies. They were terrible! The Israelites would plant their crops and the enemies would camp right in the middle of their crops. They let their animals eat everything. 

*What would happen to them without crops? (They would starve.)

*What would you do if you were one of the Israelites? (Pray!)

*What would you say to God? (I’m sorry.) (Please help us.)

They prayed for God’s help! In the meantime they hid from the enemies.***God knew they would need a strong leader!

God found a man hiding in the wine press threshing wheat. The Angel of the Lord said, “The Lord is with you mighty warrior.”   

*If Gideon was hiding from the enemy was he a mighty warrior?

*Why would God call him mighty a warrior? (The Lord was with Gideon.).  

God’s presence with us makes us strong.

*When we have big things bothering us, can God help us? How? 

Use paper to draw all the things that Gideon would need to take to battle such a huge enemy? Remember this was before guns, tanks, cars.        

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