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    a.   Label corners in the room as "Matthew, Mark, Luke and


    b.   Pick one person to be the "corner leader."

    c.   Have all the children move to the corner of their choice.

    d.   Have everyone repeat, "Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,

          while the leader hides his/her eyes.

    e.   When all children have moved to a new corner, say, STOP.

    f.    Have the leader choose one of the corners without looking.

       Whatever corner he/she calls, all the children in that corner,

       must return to their seats. REPEAT til only one person is

       standing. That person is the winner.

2. SUPER LIFE Horseshoes:

    a.   *Use two hula hoops at the front about , 20 feet apart. You

           also need yard darts, 4-5.

    b.   In the center of the hula hoop, put an upside down frisbee.

    c.   3 points to land in the frisbee, 2 points inside the hula hoop,

         touching the hula hoop, one point..

        * Divide into two teams, team with most points wins.

3. SUPER LIFE Cup Game

    a.   Need a stack of large party (solo) cups

    b.   Two players on each side.

    c.    The game leader gives instructions for players to follow.

           Ex. " Hands on your head," Hands on your shoulders,"

          "Hands on your elbows."

    d.   Players follow instructions until the leader says, "Cup."

    e.   When the leader says, "Cup," players try to grab the cup.

    f.    Player who gets the cup wins that round. Best two out of

         three is winner. Winner plays the next volunteer. More than

        one game can happen at a time and winners play other

        winners to determine overall winner.

4. SUPER LIFE Balls in a Bucket

     a.   Put an equal number of plastic balls in two buckets

          (about 2 1/2 inches)

    b.   Put two empty buckets about twenty feet away from the two

          buckets filled with balls.

    c.   One Player on each team places a ball between his/her

          knees. Without usinghands, player walks to empty bucket

          and drops the ball in.

    d.   Players continue until bucket is empty. First team to empty

          bucket and drop in the most balls first is the winning team.



Listed below are Game Websites and pages to help write the

game section for A lesson plan.

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