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"Patty says I’m a Loser"

From Pastor Ted Hambrick
"Patty says I’m a Loser"

That’s right! She says I’m a loser and she’s a finder. She’s right! I can’t believe how much I lose. I lose tools, shoes, my car at Walmart just to name a few things. I would say I’m getting old, but this is a lifelong condition.

Recently we had a RV donated to our ministry. I sold it on Saturday and when the man asked for the keys, I began my search. I finally had to tell him I couldn’t find them, but I said, "When my wife gets home, she’ll find them in ten minutes.

"Can't Never Could Do Nothing!

From Pastor Ted Hambrick: "Can't Never Could Do Nothing!: 

I think it was determined early in my educational experience that I wasn't going to be a rocket scientist. I had a problem staying with the task long enough to learn the material. I was quick to say, "I can't." My older brother Bobby frequently tried to help me. When he would hear me say, "I can't," he would say, "Can't never could do nothing." It's bad grammar, but the principle was true.

How to Be Courageous

How to Be Courageous

Actually I not an authority on courage. However, I have been scared a few times. I didn't have a long military career, but I was there long enough to learn some very valuable lessons. For instance, in Basic Training they took us out to the grenade range. Doesn't that sound fun? It does now, but back then I had not developed my...
 precision throwing arm. As a matter of fact, when I threw the ball it never went where I aimed. As a matter of fact my pitching style was better fitted for T-ball rather than the grenade range.

Things You Might Not See

On my morning walk through a wooded trail near our home, my dog, Jairy and I came across a snake. It was about 3 feet long and lay across directly in front of us. The thing about it was that it was perfectly camouflaged. I'm not sure why I noticed it. I guess I could have either stepped on it or stepped across it without even knowing how close I was to him. I threw some pine cones at it and it didn't even react. I touched it with a stick and the snake barely moved. I don't even think my dog, that I had taken for protection, ever saw the snake even though it was right in front of him.

Need a hand give a hand

  1. From Pastor Ted Hambrick:

    "Gomer Joins the Army"

    It's been a long time ago, when the bus from the classification center delivered us to Bravo 1,1. It was my company area where I would be trained to be a Solider in the U S Army. I was a naïve 19 year old from down in Wilkerson Hollow in Joelton, Tennessee. Everybody knows that in Tennessee we practice Southern hospitality. I think I grinned ...and spoke to everybody I met on the street, as a matter of fact everybody did. Now I was in the Army and my southern hospitality wasn't ready for the men with the Smokey the Bear hats that were standing waiting for our bus to stop.


  1. Dear Church Family, Friends, and New Friends:

    I work at home and don't see a lot of people. I do have my posse: that's my dogs Jairy and Bart. Jairy's a lab and Bart is a Chihuahua. Bart often spends his day in my lap as I work on my ...computer. Jairy guards me from the sleeping position at my feet. When I get up maybe to go to the refrigerator, we all go to the refrigerator. I'll stand there with the door open surveying my possibilities and when I look down, Jairy and Bart are doing the same.
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