Call Patty Hambrick  for schedule information:  843.327.0288.  Super Bus Saturday schedule time:  12:32 pm.

1.  Second Saturday of the Month:  Pineland (Trinity Bible Fellowship Nazarene).
2.  Third Saturday of the Month:
Ravenel Mobile Home Park (Trinity Bible Fellowship Nazarene) Park, 5380 Savannah Highway
3.  Fourth Saturday of the Month:  Burbage Moblile Home Park, behind Burbage Meat Market (Charleston Iglesia Nazarene Church).
4.  Fourth Saturday or 5th Saturday of the month if there is a 5th Saturday, 
Burbage Mobile Home Park across from Burbage Meat Market. (Trinity Bible Fellowship Nazarene Church)

Occasionally the schedule may change, please contact Patty Hambrick with questions.  843.327.0288.

1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sunday afternoons:  Super Bus Churchat 4:00 pm.  5:30 pm in the Summer.  Back to 4 pm on the first Sunday of October.  
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