Lesson:  Jeremiah and the Potter’s house       Activity:  Give every child play dough,  and tell them to make  anything that they want.  Make whatever is in your mind. Jeremiah was a prophet.   If success  is measured  on how many people listen and responded to him,  he wasn’t very good prophet.   But what made him great was that no matter what happened  he kept preaching to the people.   Why did he keep on,  when no one listened?  Because he was a man of God  and he obeyed God.One day he was feeling down.  Fifty years he had preached and no one listened. God said, Jeremiah ,  go down to the potter’s house I want to show you something.

At the potter’s  house he watched the Potter work at his wheel.   On his wheel he was working with some clay.  In his hands with his fingers he was forming a shape,   a vase?  A bowl?   We don’t know.All we do know is that  as he molded his creation,  his finger struck an impurity.  Perhaps it was a bit of grass or a stick or a stone ,   what ever it was it ruined the Potter’s creation. As Jeremiah watched the Potter,  he saw that he didn’t throw the clay away,  he took the impurity out and  crushed it into a mound on the wheel and started  again.That just tells me  that when something happens and we’re broken,  or we do something wrong,  stay  in God’s hands and he will make us into what he wants for our lives. What did the potter make?  We don’t know.  A vase,  a cooking pot,  a water picture we don’t know.   

If we remain in God’s hand he will make us into what he has mind to make. Ask the children what they made and why?Ask them what God might make of them.  Anybody want to be a teacher,  policeman,  mechanic,  salesman,  doctor, or nurse.   If we stay in God’s hands it’s amaze what God can make with you.
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