Super Bus/Super life video

Sometimes it’s impossible to find the words to describe what God is doing.

This month we celebrate 5 years since God called us to “make our community our church.” We believed that our new ministry, Super Bus, could reach hundreds of people. We discovered the doors of the neighborhoods were wide open.  We have met some of the most wonderful people struggling to do what we all do; to live and care for our families.

Each neighborhood we’ve entered greeted us with open arms. We have worshiped, we have prayed, we have laughed and we have cried with our neighborhood church families. We are a church family in the neighborhood.

As I was praying one day God put this thought on my mind. “Not Hundreds but Thousands.” It was then we began seeking opportunities to share Super Bus/Super Life with others. We have told hundreds of churches about neighborhood ministry. Other churches are beginning their own Super Life ministries. 
Pastor Blankenship was praying for us and he said, “The Hambricks are not adding to the Kingdom, they are multiplying.” That’s our prayer.

We had a training Seminar Oct 19-21 at Charleston Southern University. We had over 30 in attendance over the 3 day period. We taught the whys, hows, and wheres of Super Life. Then we took participants to experience Super Life in an established program in Hollywood. We followed that experience on Saturday with the birth of a brand new Super Life in Lincolnville/Summerville. It was amazing. The kids loved our Team and our Team loved the kids. It was just plain old fun! It was a God moment!

An amazing, incredible thing happened because of the training. We should gain at least 4-5 new Super Bus/Super Life programs. The new teams will reach between 80-100 or more unchurched children. What word would you use to describe what happened? Amazing, incredible? Or, what about miraculous?

One C.E.O. said Super Bus/Super Life was one of the top programs of this kind in the country, if not THE top.

Super Bus/Super Life has only happened because of the support of friends and family. On behalf of all the Super Life kids and future kids, may God richly bless you! To God be the Glory!

Pastor Ted Hambrick
4333 Cloudmont Drive    
Hollywood, SC 29449
 843.271.5068 (Pastor)
843.327.0288 (Patty)
Please watch the video below.

                                                                                               From Pastor Ted Hambrick: S
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